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small basin in bathroom installation

Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

As experienced bathroom designers and fitters in Edinburgh we understand the importance of good design, particularly when remodelling a small bathroom. From our years of working in the industry we know what works well and what doesn’t. Above all we know that small can still mean stylish and luxurious. If you have a small bathroom, here are some ideas to help you make the most of the available space and give you the stunning new bathroom of your dreams.

1. Plain Glass Shower Doors

Plain glass in a shower will not act as a divide and cut a small bathroom in two. It will allow the eye to view the full width of the bathroom making it feel much bigger.

small bathroom installation
small bathroom fittings

2. Floating Bathroom Furniture

The extra visible flooring below wall mounted ‘floating’ bathroom furniture (sink, vanity, shelving, and toilet) can make a small bathroom feel more spacious. It also has the added advantage of making cleaning the floor much easier.

3. Wall Mounted Taps

These can make the basin area in a small bathroom feel less cluttered and more streamlined, particularly if they have a simple sleek design.

small basin in bathroom installation

Fully tiled bathroom

4. Tiled Fitted Bath

A tiled fitted bath will blend into the surrounding walls, making the room look bigger. It will also look and feel much more luxurious and expensive than a plastic bath panel.

5. Basin with Integrated Towel Rail and Shelf

These are great space savers because they reduce the need for extra towel rails or shelving having to be permanently attached to newly tiled walls.

small bathroom basin with integrated towel rail

6. Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and will make any room feel bigger. Mirrored wall cabinets have the added bonus of providing extra storage. Illuminated mirrored wall cabinets are even better as they bring a real touch of luxury to a bathroom as well as providing a good source of mood lighting.

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